PIETÁ 2002

Piet�, which will hit brazilian stores on December 4th is Milton Nascimento's first solo album since 1997. And it promisses to bring back a Milton like we haven't seen in a while. The record, which brings 16 beautiful songs, also has the participation of three young singers who, in the artist's own words, drive him crazy.

Marina Machado shares with him the songs Casa Aberta and Imagem e Semelhan�a. Simone Guimar�es is featured in Beleza, Can��o and Boa Noite. The biggest and most awaited for surprise in the CD is Maria Rita Mariano's -daughter of the legendary singer Elis Regina with musician Cesar Camargo Mariano - participation, with whom Milton performs the joyful Voa Bicho and the gorgeous Tristesse.

The CD also brings classic Cantaloupe Island, recorded in the US and produced by Matt Pierson. The track, which features Milton on guitar and vocal, also brings Pat Metheny on solo guitar and Herbie Hancock on the piano.

Piet� adds to its greatness the marvelous string arrangement created by conductor Eumir Deodato, who flew in from the United States to take part on this project. All of this without mentioning the producers: Guto Gra�a Melo, Tom Capone and Milton himself.

All of this gathering songs by Milton Nascimento, Fernando Brant, Chico Amaral, Telo Borges, L� Borges, among others... To sum it all up, Piet� is a classic, good old Bituca record, which will surely please all fans of good brazilian music.
Piet� tour press release - 1998
Warner Music Brasil

As minas de Milton

Miltons's Mines (a wordplay with the portuguese word "mina" which means mine, but is often used as a slang for girl)
The mines love Milton... Gold mines, mines on the corner, flying unidentyfied mines, general mines (this latter, a wordplay with "Minas Gerais", Milton Nascimento's State of birth). Milton has always loved the mines as well. There was once a short one who sang like no one, who stated that if God had a voice, it would definately be Milton's. Piet� was created in honor of the goddesses who taught him how to sing like God. It is a prayer to Earth's Feminine Spirit in the singer's voice. The scene of a initiation rite comes to mind: the lonely boy, drunkened by the beautiful songs sung by sorceresses while the Universe danced in nights of full moon around the steaming pot of the Sun. Induced by such generous muses, the little aprentice sees an open house into which he enters with no fear. The scene is of beauty and song and nothing more. There is a path of thornes, which mutates into a sea of roses as soon as the boy lets himself be hipnotized by the mysterious chanting of three charming mermaids: Marina, Simone and Maria Rita. It is in their company and of talented musical creatures he now reveals to the mortal world, transforming according to his own image the purest matter of tears and river. Bonjour tristesse and good night. Sometimes God exagerates, or maybe this means love elsewhere. It is contemplating a brand new sea-side that the boy finaly hears in the voices of the wind the secrets of Life.

Piet� is a lysergic musical ride whose side effect provoques an existencial conversion never before experienced. Singing a woman's body, the average man can do. But singing the woman's soul, is something only God is able to do. May the Great Mothe of all mines full of grace in the Universe bless Milton throughout the centuries, amen.
Rita Lee
November 2002