Milton Nascimento, Ponto de Partida and Meninos do Ara�ua� at Americell Hall.
After the successful premier in Barbacena, Minas Gerais, with an thrilling performance for two thousand people, Milton Nascimento, Ponto de Partida and Meninos de Ara�ua� go on stage at Americell Hall on May 28th (Tuesday) at 9 pm, to perform the musical play "Ser Minas T�o Gerais".

The musical play "Ser Minas T�o Gerais" is a walkthrough of the imaginary characters that exist in Minas Gerais' countryside. The script and direction of the show are by Regina Bertola, from the Ponto de Partida group, who was inspired by Carlos Drummond de Andrade's poetries and Milton's music's african-mineira roots to show a sensitive reflexion of what it is to be a mineiro.

The show tells the story of the inhabitants of a small countryside city, where children and lunatics await the arrival of a myth. Milton Nascimento plays the myth and shares the stage with 40 children from the Meninos de Ara�ua� group, 12 actors from Ponto de Partida and six musicians. In the repertoire performed live are songs signed by Milton Nascimento and his contributers, such as "Not�cias do Brasil" and "Circo Marimbondo". The idea around this show came to Milton as a way of celebrating Clube da Esquina's 30th anniversary - his first big-time record and the kick-start to one of Brazil's greatest musical tendencies.

Direction and script: Regina Bertola; concept: Grupo Ponto de Partida; Vocal Coaching: Babaya; Body Coaching: Wagner Moreira; Lighting: Jorginho de Carvalho; Stage Sets and Costuming: Alexandre Rousset and Tereza Bruvzi. Tickets are for sale at the Pal�cio das Artes ticket center and are R$ 10,00 each (half-price entrances available for several categories).

Milton Nascimento, Grupo Ponto de Partida and Meninos de Ara�ua� perform this show in Belo Horizonte on June 1st.
Press release of the "Ser Minas T�o Gerais" tour of 2005.