Milton has always kept a tight collaboration relationship with several entities dedicated to both humanitarian and environmental causes.

In the past few years, his most constant partneships have been the ones envolving the Instituto Sócio-Ambiental and the Grupo Ponto de Partida. With the latter, he performed the "Ser Minas T�o Gerais" concert, alongside the "Meninos de Araçuaí" group,which originated from the work of the CPCD.

Recently, he's initiated another partnership, with the choreographer Cristina Castro and the Viladança group, from the Vila Velha Theatre in Salvador, Bahia, who holds a very important inclusion through the Arts social work. From this partnership, the "Aroueira, com quantos nós se faz uma árvore" concert was created.

Milton also supports the work of actress Isabel Fillardis with the "A Força do Bem" NGO.