At the age of two, Milton was already hammering on a piano at his grandparents'. Soon enough he got a small two bass accordion, which was his first musical instrument.


With the death of his mother, Maria do Carmo, Milton moves in with his biological grandmother in Juiz de Fora. He doesn't seem to fit in as spends most of his days sitting out on the curb of the sidewalk, hoping to see someone from his old home.


Lília, the daughter of his godmother - and soon to be Milton's adoptive mother - moves to Três Pontas after getting married. She realizes something isn't all too well with the boy.
After speaking to her husdband Josino, and her parents Augusta and Edgard, she goes to her grandmother to ask her to allow the boy to go live in Três Pontas with them. The new family of three, Milton, Lilia and Josino take the railway back from Juiz de Fora.


Before even turning seven, Milton is given a harmonica and a four bass accordion. He spends hours at a time on the front porch of his new home, playing both instruments at the same time, using his knees to hold the harmonica. Because the accordion was lacking, he would use his voice to fill in the missing notes.


His first guitar, given at age 13, was a gift to his mother, which he received when she wasn't at home and which, from the front door, went straight into his room. It is around this time that the boy meets Wagner Tiso, whom he befriends and together they start "Luar de Prata", their first band.